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Time for a re-brand: Cloud Renegade

TL;DR – I’m moving my blog to https://www.cloudrenegade.us

Well, lots of things are changing for me. You’ll get to hear more about that next week but for now, I’m going away from phyler.wordpress.com to a whole new brand. This site was started in the aftermath of my home server dying back in 2006. I had been blogging from ~2002ish? to 2006 on a server in my basement. It was a fun way to learn about blogging. It eventually died and I moved here. I never bothered to get a custom domain assigned, mainly due to cost.

Recently, while thinking on branding, the name Cloud Renegade came up and I really liked it. Enough that I decided to be like a few of the other folks (looking at you Michael LaMontagne) and explore the world of Static Site Generators and hosting my blog on my Azure subscription. I’ll do a post on that adventure soon.

So, what does this all mean? It means that I’m moving my blog to https://www.cloudrenegade.us. You will need to update your favorite RSS Reader with https://www.cloudrenegade.us/index.xml.

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