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A way to save the airlines

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ok, so I’m not that smart to as actually come up with a way to save the airlines but here is one way that someone could get some seriously good press.

We’re strolling to our gate at Nashville International Airport when I notice “Children Play Area” on a sign. We go looking and low and behold, there is a great little children’s area. (I’ll post pics later).

Now, every airport needs one of these. In fact, they should have one on every concourse. I would even propose that an airline could donate one of these to the concourse they are on and slap their name all over the thing.

As a parent who has figured out that an extra hour at the airport semi-stress free is worth more than anything else, this made my day. We arrived at the airport almost 3 hours early for our flight (due to TSA rules, timing of drive from relatives, etc) and being able to have a safe place for our son to play was priceless.

Couple of things though for Nashville, make it so there is only one way in and out for kids. Our son kept escaping between the seats so he could follow the airplanes. By ensuring that kids can’t escape, parents can relax a little (they still need to pay attention to what their kid is doing though).

Again, thanks to whomever thought this up and someone should continue it at every airport.

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